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Baking Pans & Sheets

  • Sunnex Baking Sheet

    Make cupcakes like the pro's do with this sleek baking sheet!


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Our Baking Pans & Sheets

When it comes to selecting baking pans and sheets, your options essentially come down to size, depth and material. During a recent forray into baking, one of Grand Cucina staff forgot to measure up his oven before bolting home with a new pan and aspirations of making triple-choc and macadamia brownies. He wisely suggests it is best to measure up your oven and allow for a little room so that you'll be able to slide the pan or sheet in or out. Depth is up to you and depends on what you plan on baking. On note of materials, all the options you find here are used and trusted in commercial kitchens, so rest easy knowing they've got you covered.