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Cookware Buying Guide

The humble pot isn't necessarily so humble ...

our high-quality products are easy to clean and offer performance and value.

The hospitality trade uses Grand Cucina cookware with good reason: our brands carve up the competition on both performance and price. Blinis pans, braziers, casserole dishes, cookware sets, fish kettles, crepe pans, fry baskets, steamers and stock pots are just some of the mind-bogglingly fabulous range of chef-approved products we stock

Chef Inox Non-Stick pans

Everyone from aspiring gourmands to high-profile chefs with a passion for perfection is proud to man the pans when they are using classic cookware that performs beautifully under pressure. From metal and crockery-based pots and paella pans to cast stainless steel saucepans that can be transferred from the stovetop to the grill to the oven and back again, our high-quality products are easy to clean and non-reactive and offer performance and value


Shop with a wide range of Stockpot's

Paella - the European inspired, classic dish

The Grand Cucina shelves are brimming with products that appeal to cooks that range from the haute to the humble. Don’t expect the cutesy clutter of a dinky kitchenware shop! Remember, Grand Cucina supplies restaurants so the choices on offer to everyday cooks are led by demands driven by pernickety chefs. Whether you’re cooking a dazzling degustation menu at the top end of town or beef cheeks braised in shiraz for the in-laws, we have the wares to suit your cooking needs. Hop to it!


Five tips on selecting pots and pans:

  • 1

    Consider your cooktop: flat-bottomed pans work best with smooth-top ranges, while magnetic stainless steel pans are a good choice for induction cooktops. [Flagged for you guys to identify suitable pans on site]

  • 2

    Stainless steel pots and pans work well with either gas or electric stoves...

  • 3

    Buy the best you can afford

  • 4

    Get our your measuring tape to ensure your hob or element will accommodate the cookware.

  • 5

    Consider the weight, performance and kind of care required to maintain the cookware.


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